Tarot Card Reading

Card 1: This card covers you. It represents the influences and atmosphere affecting you.

King of WANDS: Reversed
Severity, strictness, austerity - but always in good cause. May indicate one who applies a stricter standard to his own behavior or work than he applies to that of others. Unpalatable advice which should none the less be followed.

Card 2: This card crosses you. It represents your obstacles. If favorable, opposing forces are not serious.

IX The Hermit Reversed
The swift passage of time. Immaturity, the refusal to age gracefully. Waite suggests fear and unreasoned caution. ===

Card 3: This card crowns you. It represents your aim or ideal in the matter, that which has not yet been made actual.

XVI The Tower
This is the Fire from Heaven: that blinding flash which in a single stroke alters forever a life or a world. This is the inspiration that compels the poet, the artist, the sculptor who creates at least one masterwork which has, over the ages, a profound influence on the lives of millions. It is also, unfortunately, the inspiration which drove Adolf Hitler to compose _Mein_Kampf_. Hence: overthrow of the existing order, unforseen catastrophe, calamity, ruin - all with the expectation that something new and greater will rise from the rubble. On a more day to day basis, however, I have found that the card frequently signifies communication by electronic means: a telephone call, telegram, email or the like (I suspect this may be because this is the only card which has anything explicitly electrical in its common design, and the cards frequently make the best adaptation they can to a constantly changing world).

Card 4: This card is beneath you. It represents that which has already passed into actuality, what you have made your own.

Four of SWORDS
Solitude, a hermit's retreat from society, exile; rest, enforced idleness, convalescence.

Card 5: This card is behind you. It represents the influences that are just now passing.

XXI The World (This card is sometimes called "The Universe") Reversed
Permanence, stagnation, inertia; fixity of purpose; fear of change, earthbound spirit; sometimes a venture into the unknown with no perceived security at the end.

Card 6: This card is before you. It represents the influences that are coming into action now or in the near future.

Page/Princess of CUPS:
A child or adolescent with medium hair and complection *or* a child or adolescent born under one of the Water signs who is of meditative bent: hence, contemplation, meditation, and perhaps the inspiration derived from these. Also, news or messages.

Card 7: This card signifies you. It represents your position and attitude in the matter.

Five of COINS
Material trouble - destitution, impoverishment, overextension of credit,bankruptcy. Loneliness - sometimes refers to divorce and crippling alimony, child support; for the supporting parent, non-payment of same. Unemployment, cessation of benefits.

Card 8: This card signifies your environment. It represents the influences of your position, your friends, your family and so forth.

Seven of SWORDS
Plan, design, blueprint for action, all of which should be examined for seen or unseen flaws which may cause them to fail. Theft, probably without violence such as burglary or fraud: once again, a certain amount of planning is indicated rather than the action of impulse. Unstable effort, partial success. A journey by land.

Card 9: This card signifies your hopes and your fears in the matter.

Four of COINS Reversed
Delay in obtaining material possessions, perhaps the inevitable period between the time one purchases that lottery ticket and publication of the numbers drawn or, less charitably, the period of waiting for an ailing relative to die so one may gain one's inheritance. Loss, delay, opposition, disorder in one's material affairs.

Card 10: This card signifies what will come. The culmination which is brought about by the influences of the other cards: The final outcome.

XVIII The Moon
Fluctuation, change. Unlike the Wheel or the Tower, the connotation here is of evolution rather than revolution. Also, imagination, intuition, dreams, growth of psychic power and spiritual understanding.

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