Tarot Card Reading

Card 1: This card covers you. It represents the influences and atmosphere affecting you.

Six of COINS
Ability to afford donations to charities, public or private, and the disposition to do so. Also, receiving such donations. Support of children by parents and vice versa in the latter stages of life, with no indication of hardship monetary or emotional.

Card 2: This card crosses you. It represents your obstacles. If favorable, opposing forces are not serious.

Nine of WANDS Reversed
Obstacles and adversity, but the strength is still present and they can be overcome. The idleness of one who will not work rather than one who can not work. Otiosity, laziness and their analogues.

Card 3: This card crowns you. It represents your aim or ideal in the matter, that which has not yet been made actual.

Seven of SWORDS
Plan, design, blueprint for action, all of which should be examined for seen or unseen flaws which may cause them to fail. Theft, probably without violence such as burglary or fraud: once again, a certain amount of planning is indicated rather than the action of impulse. Unstable effort, partial success. A journey by land.

Card 4: This card is beneath you. It represents that which has already passed into actuality, what you have made your own.

XXI The World (This card is sometimes called "The Universe") Reversed
Permanence, stagnation, inertia; fixity of purpose; fear of change, earthbound spirit; sometimes a venture into the unknown with no perceived security at the end.

Card 5: This card is behind you. It represents the influences that are just now passing.

Three of SWORDS
Absence, removal, delay of reunion, contested divorce which may be hard on children. Before the melodrama gets too affecting, however, it should be noted that the card may indicate something as prosaic as a trip on business or pleasure which causes temporary separation.

Card 6: This card is before you. It represents the influences that are coming into action now or in the near future.

King of WANDS: Reversed
Severity, strictness, austerity - but always in good cause. May indicate one who applies a stricter standard to his own behavior or work than he applies to that of others. Unpalatable advice which should none the less be followed.

Card 7: This card signifies you. It represents your position and attitude in the matter.

I The Magician
Mastery, skill, occult power or wisdom, will; diplomacy, subtlety; address, self-confidence. Waite adds that it may represent a male seeker.

Card 8: This card signifies your environment. It represents the influences of your position, your friends, your family and so forth.

Deuce of WANDS
Interest in intellectual pursuits with the strong suggestion that these will bring at least enough wealth to live on. Influence over others, leadership. The movement or dissemination of ideas.

Card 9: This card signifies your hopes and your fears in the matter.

Five of COINS Reversed
Poverty in material things but riches in spirit, as St. Francis. Also, love (but probably temporary) and companionship.

Card 10: This card signifies what will come. The culmination which is brought about by the influences of the other cards: The final outcome.

XVIII The Moon Reversed
Unforeseen dangers, secret enemies, deceptions including half-truth and innuendo. Occult forces of malign intent. Dissatisfaction. Imagination may be reined in by practical considerations. ===

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