Tarot Card Reading

Card 1: This card covers you. It represents the influences and atmosphere affecting you.

Page/Princess of CUPS: Reversed
Seduction, attachment to another perhaps to the point of obsession; deception, artifice; inclination, taste. The affairs of the world intrude upon one's meditations.

Card 2: This card crosses you. It represents your obstacles. If favorable, opposing forces are not serious.

Five of WANDS Reversed
Guile and contradiction but also, properly supported, the triumph over these. Confusion in legal matters; litigation. Bureaucracy and red tape.

Card 3: This card crowns you. It represents your aim or ideal in the matter, that which has not yet been made actual.

Nine of COINS
Material well-being - enough to live on with some left over. A house with land enough for at least a garden. Prudence, safety, success, accomplishment, There may be a suggestion that the good things in life will be enjoyed in solitude.

Card 4: This card is beneath you. It represents that which has already passed into actuality, what you have made your own.

II The High Priestess
The future as yet unrevealed; silence, mystery, duality; the growth of occult wisdom. Hidden influences at work. Another source suggests change, alteration, fluctuation.

Card 5: This card is behind you. It represents the influences that are just now passing.

Queen of CUPS: Reversed
A person whose good qualities outweigh the bad, but in whom tendencies towards selfishness and egocentricity may still be discerned; a person who is not entirely to be trusted. Also, one who answers to every passing fad and fashion.

Card 6: This card is before you. It represents the influences that are coming into action now or in the near future.

Knight/Prince of COINS
A young person with dark hair and eyes *or* a young person born under one of the Earth signs who is, above all, responsible: hence, responsibility, utility, serviceability, rectitude moral and ethical, practicality. As a side note, the person betokened by this card requires no great mental acuity and may laugh as heartily at a joke the twentieth time he or she tells it as the first time he or she heard it.

Card 7: This card signifies you. It represents your position and attitude in the matter.

XV The Devil
The card deals mostly with the material world to the exclusion of the spiritual: in my experience, it usually denotes a sexual encounter, though it may also signify the amassment of riches, gourmandizing and all manner of over-indulgence. Obsession with matters material. Extraordinary efforts. Predestination. Magic which affects the material plane, for good or ill.

Card 8: This card signifies your environment. It represents the influences of your position, your friends, your family and so forth.

King of CUPS
A man of medium hair and complection *or* a man born under one of the Water signs. He has a creative intelligence in the arts and sciences rather than business and is, moreover, disposed to assist the student: a good teacher or professor. May also represent kindness, liberality, generosity.

Card 9: This card signifies your hopes and your fears in the matter.

Five of SWORDS Reversed
Weakness, either of physical strength or of will. Otherwise, the same.

Card 10: This card signifies what will come. The culmination which is brought about by the influences of the other cards: The final outcome.

IV The Emperor
Government, the control of masses, temporal power; stability, protection, conviction; also will and authority. The dominion of intelligence.

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