Tarot Card Reading

Card 1: This card covers you. It represents the influences and atmosphere affecting you.

Ten of COINS Reversed
Burglary, robbery, gambling, speculation with monies not properly one's own. Bankruptcy. Lack of solidity; a move to a new neighborhood may be imminent. May also represent a "dysfunctional" family.

Card 2: This card crosses you. It represents your obstacles. If favorable, opposing forces are not serious.

VII The Chariot Reversed
One of the animals gets the bit between its teeth and runs away with chariot, driver and all. Decadence, an unethical or immoral victory; dispute; defeat. ===

Card 3: This card crowns you. It represents your aim or ideal in the matter, that which has not yet been made actual.

Queen of WANDS: Reversed
A person generally reckoned as good but who expects the world to conform and adapt to his or her own rigid standards. Economy, perhaps more strict than truly essential. Surrounding cards may influence the reading to suggest opposition, jealousy, deceit and infidelity. ===

Card 4: This card is beneath you. It represents that which has already passed into actuality, what you have made your own.

Six of SWORDS Reversed
Stalemate, unfavorable outcome. Another reference cites publicity, airing difficulties in the hope of receiving assistance.

Card 5: This card is behind you. It represents the influences that are just now passing.

O THE FOOL Reversed
Negligence, absence, wastefulness, vanity. The Beast is in control.

Card 6: This card is before you. It represents the influences that are coming into action now or in the near future.


Card 7: This card signifies you. It represents your position and attitude in the matter.

IV The Emperor Reversed
Benevolence, compassion, credit; also emotional immaturity and the possibility of bondage to parents or others perceived as being in authority.

Card 8: This card signifies your environment. It represents the influences of your position, your friends, your family and so forth.

IX The Hermit
The slow, plodding passage of time - sometimes a very long time, indeed. The acquisition of wisdom through maturity, age, or experience. Guidance, whether from an older person or a non-corporeal source. Possibly, a journey. The older readings given by Waite demand prudence and circumspection in the face of dissimulation, roguery, corruption, and even treason.

Card 9: This card signifies your hopes and your fears in the matter.

XIII Death Reversed
Stagnation, inertia, lethargy, petrifaction; somnambulism.

Card 10: This card signifies what will come. The culmination which is brought about by the influences of the other cards: The final outcome.

Three of COINS Reversed
Mediocrity, pettiness, the co-worker who must pull everyone else down to his or her own level in order to shine. In this sense, it may also indicate jealousy of another's achievements.

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