Tarot Card Reading

Card 1: This card covers you. It represents the influences and atmosphere affecting you.

Journey by water (not so common nowadays, but not impossible). Passage away from difficulties, but only with the expenditure of more effort. May also suggest the calm at the eye of the storm, a temporary respite in struggle.

Card 2: This card crosses you. It represents your obstacles. If favorable, opposing forces are not serious.

Eight of WANDS
Speed. Rapid development of an undertaking; rewards are not long delayed. Also, in modern times, travel by air; arrival of a letter or package by air mail or overnight delivery (usually in combination with the Deuce of Coins); when Triumph XVI (The Tower) appears near it, the card may indicate the arrival of an electronically propagated message, such as by telephone, fax, e-mail, or news broadcast. In a less prosaic mode, the card is often said to represent "the arrows of love."

Card 3: This card crowns you. It represents your aim or ideal in the matter, that which has not yet been made actual.

Seven of WANDS Reversed
A caution against indecision and against hesitation to move through fear of appearing a fool, or of causing damage to another; a warning against over-sensitivity. The person whom one fears to hurt may not harbor reciprocal feelings. ===

Card 4: This card is beneath you. It represents that which has already passed into actuality, what you have made your own.

XIV Temperance Reversed
For the alchemist: great success with stinks and bangs but no Philosopher's Stone. Competing interests in business or personal matters; the competition may well be of the one with the other. Disunion. Waite suggests the religious figure who will marry the seeker (to another).

Card 5: This card is behind you. It represents the influences that are just now passing.

Four of CUPS
Dissatisfaction with the pleasures of the senses, re-evaluation of mundane achievements. World-weariness, ennui.

Card 6: This card is before you. It represents the influences that are coming into action now or in the near future.

Queen of COINS
A dark-haired, dark-skinned, dark-eyed woman *or* a woman born under one of the Earth signs who is open-handed and generous. She appears, on the physical plane, to be the Mother in the Tarot; hence: generosity, magnificence, opulence; liberty; and the security one gains from the presence of a warm and loving elder who supports one physically and to whom one may turn for help in solving the problems and dilemmas of daily life. Surrounding cards will indicate whether the subject of the reading has such a person upon whom to relay, or performs that function for another. Also, luxuriant fertility.

Card 7: This card signifies you. It represents your position and attitude in the matter.

XII The Hanged Man
This card seems to me to represent Wotan on the tree Yggdrasil or Jeheshua ben Miriam upon his cross; hence: strength of character, wisdom or spiritual insight gained through suffering or self-sacrifice; in extreme cases, apotheosis through agony. In more mundane affairs it may signify stasis, the complete inability to move in any direction, usually due to outside factors over which one has no control.

Card 8: This card signifies your environment. It represents the influences of your position, your friends, your family and so forth.

Seven of COINS Reversed
Impatience. Cause for anxiety due to exterior factors (drought or excessive rain, a slump in business and the like). Delay in achieving one's goal.

Card 9: This card signifies your hopes and your fears in the matter.

Ace of COIN Reversed
The corruption of character by wealth and the mundane power which accompanies it. Neglect of the environment. Blight, whether from natural causes or man-made pollution. The beginning of an enterprise which, although personally profitable, may harm either the environment or those with whom one comes in contact. Devotion to the spiritual at the expense of both mundane matters and other people; selfishness. When heavily influenced by adverse cups or Triumphs, ecstasy to the point of divorce from reality such as might be induced, for instance, by dependence upon substances either natural or synthetic which alter one's perception of the world.

Card 10: This card signifies what will come. The culmination which is brought about by the influences of the other cards: The final outcome.

Ace of SWORD
Triumph, conquest by force of arms or by force of will. Virility to the point of satyriasis. Courage to defend the right; "the courage of one's convictions." Will-power, perhaps enough to enable one to stop a habit such as alcohol or tobacco "cold turkey." In material matters it may also mean skill, particularly with cutting edges such as a surgeon's knife or a fencer's saber. The recruitment of allies for an endeavor.

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